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Storytelling in Schools

Storytelling is integral to primary education.Telling and listening to stories can increase skills  children's speech, language and listening skills and help to build emotional intelligence, creativity and co-operation with each other. 

Stories can also teach about other parts of the curriculum in different and exciting ways. Stories can capture a child's imagination and strengthen both their understanding and enthusiasm to learn more about a topic.  


Below are some story sets I have previously taken to schools. If you are looking for something different please get in touch to discuss specific themes or stories - I'll be happy to help!



Local Legends

Smuggling and shipwrecks, giants and gaols, miracles and monarchs. The Isle of Wight is steeped in stories - some true, some maybe a little less so. 

This interactive story session can be adapted focus on specific aspects of island history, folklore and myths, scary stories or a mix of all three. 

There is also the option to include fun, hands-on activities linked to island history.

Marvellous Medicine

Wise women, elf attacks, talking  flowers and missing donkeys. Discover how people in the past explained and cured disease through these traditional tales and fun, interactive games and activities.

You will also make a smelly mussy tussy to take home as protection against the plague

(effectiveness not 100% guaranteed).


Into the Woods

The woods are a place of wonder and adventure!

In this story session, which can be adapted for different ages, we join brave children as they journey into the woods and discover the real and mythical plants, animals and creatures that live there.

Ancient Egyptians

Why did Set trick his brother?

How did Isis make the first mummy?
Is an orange lighter than a feather?


Learn the answers to these questions and more in this interactive session where you will learn some Ancient Egyptian myths, mummify an orange or banana and weigh its soul for the afterlife.

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