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Stories and Activities


For centuries stories have been told to entertain, teach, warn, build community and uphold traditions. In traditional storytelling, these ancient stories are told from memory using 

Below are some of the story sets that I can offer. I enjoy combining storytelling with crafts and activities to create engaging, interactive sessions that can be adapted for different age groups and are suitable for fairs and festivals, scout clubs and WI groups, pubs, clubs, cafes and parks.

Have a browse below to see what I currently offer or, if you are looking for something different, please get in touch to discuss specific themes or stories - I'll be happy to help!



Isle of Wight Tales

Smuggling and shipwrecks, giants and gaols, miracles and monarchs. The Isle of Wight is steeped in stories - some true, some maybe a little less so. 

This story set can be adapted focus on specific aspects of island history, folklore and myths, scary stories or a mix of all three. 

There is also the option to include fun, hands-on activities linked to island history.

Marvellous Medicine

Wise women, elf shot, talking  flowers and missing donkeys. Discover historical attitudes to medicine and disease through these traditional tales and try out some traditional cures.

You can also make a smelly mussy tussy to take home as protection against the plague

(effectiveness not 100% guaranteed).


Middle Age Crisis

Drunken monks, wily women and baffling bets.

People in Medieval Europe had strict roles to adhere to. Knights were expected to be noble, women to be chaste and monks to be devout. 


These strange, surprising and funny medieval stories turn these expectations on their head!

Suitable for ages 16+

The Walking Dead

Norwegian draugrs, Slavic strzygas and Breton bakers - the dead have been rising from their graves and roaming the lands of Europe for centuries. 

Listen to their tales and learn some tips to overcome the restless dead in this spooky story set. 


Into the Woods

The woods are a wild place, far away from the safety of home.


In these traditional tales we will explore the forest, meet tricksters and helpers, face our fears and overcome them and discover some of the real and mythical plants, animals and creatures that live there.

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